From Lisbon to Madrid – From concept towards definition

After the January meeting in Lisbon, where the COMPACT consortium also organised a workshop with external experts, the partners met in Madrid to discuss the progress made and prepare the next stage – the integration of components.

The positive input gathered during the Lisbon workshop allowed partners to continue developing the COMPACT approach and come closer to the final architectural design of the integrated platform to help Public Administration improve its cybersecurity improvement process.

The definition of the overall architecture of COMPACT and the adaptation of the components involved was the focus of the consortium during the first year of the project. With eight different partners bringing existing solutions into the table, finding a common ground for a flexible and extensible solution has been the main challenge.

During this stage, COMPACT has designed scenarios and requirements and researched on the human factors affecting cybersecurity in the context of the Local Public Administration, supported by the end-users participating in the project – Bologna and Afragola (Italy), Donostia San-Sebastian (Spain), Bremerhaven (Germany) and Amadora (Portugal). Alongside, the legal and ethical aspects of cybersecurity have been thoroughly addressed in order to guarantee that the COMPACT approach complies with the most recent EU cybersecurity initiatives, such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems.

This work was important to make sure that the platform will respond to Public Administration’s real needs and allows the consortium to start integrating all the components to develop an initial prototype of the COMPACT platform.

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