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COMPACT on its way to overall architecture design

  • Milestone 1: Technology review and update of the state of the art
  • Milestone 2: Definition of scenarios and requirements
  • COMPACT conceptualisation opens pathway to definition of overall architecture

6th February 2018 - COMPACT has reached its first two milestones completing a technology review update and the definition of the first scenarios and requirements that meet Local Public Authorities’ needs. This has allowed beginning the conceptualisation of a set of solutions to be delivered by COMPACT.

The first project milestone aimed at presenting an extensive technology review update in order to take stock of relevant improvements in the period between the proposal submission and beginning of the project. The review focused on five conceptual components: Real Time Security Monitoring Technologies; Security Awareness Training and Information sharing; Cybersecurity Awareness Training, based on Gamification principles; Risk Assessment; and Threat Intelligence.

The second project milestone was the specification of scenarios and requirements by the projects’ end-users. Early on in the proposal, the consortium found useful the definition of “use cases” or stories describing scenarios end-user partners may find in their daily routine. This methodology will allow for the development of a COMPACT approach that truly answers to real needs of Local Public Administration. For each scenario, the partners have extracted the most relevant requirements that the COMPACT platform should fulfil.

During the project’s first workshop in Lisbon on 18th January, the consortium presented the scenarios external experts that shared an overall positive feedback on COMPACT’s approach, finding it relevant to the specific needs of local Public Authorities.

Successfully reaching these milestones allows the COMPACT project to continue developing its approach, entering the conceptualisation stage, followed by the definition of the overall architecture and the components’ adaptations.

According to Paolo Roccetti from ENG, Project Coordinator and leader of Work Package 1 – Project Management, “The recent meeting in Lisbon has been very productive and brought the COMPACT consortium one step forward in its path to protect Local Public Administrations against cyber threats”.

For Cornelia Gerdenitsch from AIT, leader of Work Package 2 – Scenarios, Human Factors and Legal/Ethical aspects, “Based on a theoretical research model we discussed predictors of cyber-secure behaviour. Main findings of an online survey have been presented, and based on these results gamified awareness methods have been introduced and discussed. During the meeting, we got valuable feedback on existing empirical findings and ideas for awareness methods”.

As to the Technical Coordinator and leader of Work Package 3 – COMPACT architecture, Luigi Coppolino from CINI, ““The detailed definition of services, performed in WP3, was a starting point for the design of COMPACT architecture. During last plenary meeting, the consortium agreed to go for a loosely coupled architecture preserving characteristic of individual components but also providing a fully-fledged platform customizable to the needs of individual LPAs”.

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