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COMPACT Information HUb

Be part of the community and start sharing information and best practices with European Local Public Administrations.

COMPACT delivers easy-to-use Risk Assessment Tools, tailored for non-technical profiles, Security Awareness Training, educating through dedicated games about cyber-risks, Cyber Security Monitoring Services, activating alerts about anomalies and guidance on possible solutions, and Knowledge Sharing Services, among them, the COMPACT Information Hub. This is an online space open to private organisations, public administrations, CERTs, policy makers and individuals to create and enhance collective knowledge about cybersecurity.


  • Get further understanding about the LPAs concerns and perceived level of exposure to cyber threats;
  • Get inspiration from the best practices published by the European local public administrations part of the community and turn them into best practice for your adoption;
  • Provide your employees with an instrument dedicated to improve their knowledge and awareness about cyber security;
  • Receive our weekly security pills: an easy way to get short behavioral tips to prevent cyber threats from occurring.

Create connections with LPAs in Europe. Would you like to read all the best practices shared by the COMPACT community? Join us here.

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