1st Plenary Meeting in Bremerhaven

COMPACT consortium met from 27th-29th September in Bremerhaven, Germany for the project’s first plenary meeting.

After the kick-off meeting that took place in May 2017, and in which the consortium laid out the stepping stones for the overall project development, this meeting started with the reporting of the work developed during the project’s first months, especially within the scope of WP1 – Project Management and WP6 – Communication and Dissemination.

Great focus was also put into the work developed for WP2 - Scenarios, Human Factors and Ethical and Legal Aspects, as it will be paramount for the development of a COMPACT platform to help Local Public Administration improve its cyber resilience.

Partners discussed the conduction of psychological studies to be undertaken among project’s end-users in order to gather information on perception of cyber security (e.g., cyber threats, security attacks), as well as individual attitudes and organizational aspects.

The meeting ended with the definition of next steps for the project and a new meeting is scheduled for the beginning of 2018. This meeting will comprise a workshop to continue gathering and refining requirements for the development of solutions to tackle cybersecurity issues in Local Public Administration.

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