Município da Amadora

Amadora is a Municipality since September 11, 1979 and takes part of Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Despite its geographical area (23,79Km2) is one of the ten most populous municipalities of Portugal (175,136 inhabitants), which reflects its high population density (7363.3/km2). The accessibility and proximity to the Portuguese capital (Lisbon) are pull factors, which contribute to the great social and culture diversity featuring the municipality. It’s a major residential suburb of the capital, with 10.6% of foreign nationals (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service - SEF, 2013).

Amadora is a Local Authority whose powers are statutory, with own competencies in the fields of urban and public spaces, social and community intervention, education, environment, culture and sport, with the mission of providing services to citizens. The three major strategic objectives of the Municipality for 2016 are: strengthen social and territorial cohesion; strengthen the competitiveness of the city; promote the environmental sustainability, modernize municipal management, promoting the quality of services provided and the approach of the city council to citizens. Main activities: to support entities and legally existing bodies; to support or reimbursed, by appropriate means social, cultural, sporting, recreational or other activities of municipal interest; to participate in providing services to socially disadvantaged or dependent strata, in partnership with the relevant authorities of the central administration, and provide support for those social strata, by appropriate means and in conditions in the municipal regulation; to support schools particularly with regard to food, accommodation and allocation of economic aid students; To ensure adequate support to the exercise of jurisdiction of the State under defined by law; To participate in  projects and decentralized cooperation operations, particularly within the European Union and the Community of Portuguese speaking countries.

In 2016 the municipal budget amounts to 83.685 million Euros. The total number of permanent staff of the municipality is 1655 people. There are eight (8) main departments: Education and Social Development; Modernization and ICT; Environment and Urban Services; Housing and Urban Requalification; Urban Administration; Municipal Works (Construction); Financial; General Administration.

Political and administrative level: City Council Mayor and 10 Councillors; Municipal Assembly – President and 33 Municipal Members.

Role and main tasks in COMPACT

The role of the Municipality of Amadora (CMA) as end user is to assure that project requirements are well identified from the beginning and that a correct validation is done after prototype implementation. So, as Local public administration, CMA will be in the WPs, which include testing (delivering and assessing) and dissemination and communication.

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