INOV INESC INOVAÇÃO is the leading private non-profit Research and Technology Organisation in Portugal, in the areas of remote monitoring, ICT and electronics. The INOV mission is to guide technological development and innovation processes, in close cooperation with governments, enterprises and universities. INOV has accumulated strong technical expertise in: communication equipment and services; sensor networks, architectures and protocols; speech technologies and systems; navigation systems and fleet management; remote monitoring and surveillance systems; security and defence systems; cyber-security; control and electronics development; organisational engineering; risk and resilience management for critical infrastructures (CI).

INOV provides services for computer security incident response, which include forensic analysis and has consolidated knowledge and proven installed solutions for security, monitoring and surveillance. INOV has National, European and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security clearance and is also the only private organisation in Portugal that regularly participates in NATO studies/projects in the cybersecurity domain. INOV has extensive experience in National and European R&D projects with over 70 participations in the last 10 years.

Role and main tasks in COMPACT

INOV will actively participate in identifying the most wide spread threats and cyber security issues that end-users face — via description and analysis of current interactions between user's global information systems, proprietary solutions and installed COTS products, followed by recommendations and policies for their improvement towards better organization cybersecurity. At the later stage of the project such activity will serve as a basis for further developing the Business Process Intrusion Detection System, able to identify potential threats by revealing out-of-the-pattern events in the information flow. INOV will also support the Municipality of Amadora in the demonstration in Portugal and lead the Communication & Dissemination WP.

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