Comune di Afragola

Afragola is a city and municipality in the Metropolitan City of Naples, in Italy. It is one of the 100 largest Italian cities (the ones that have a population of more than 63,000 inhabitants). The communal territory, measuring 18 square kilometres (7 square miles). The comune of Afragola is one of the most densely populated of the country.

Afragola is located in a strategic Hub, kind of “Naples main doorway”, because is strictly connected with Highway, Naples' Airport (Capodichino) and, most important, High speed railways.

A commercial station on the Rome-Naples high-speed railway, designed by Zaha Hadid, is being built at Afragola.

Afragola's ICT Departement, a division of Afragola's City Hall, has a strong experience in E-Gov Research, with many successful projects in developing phase and many citizen/companies-oriented It services currently in production.

ICT's assets are: 2 ced rooms, powerful blade servers, 3 SAN, an Hardware network analyzer and many high end developing machines.

The research and development section works in syncronicity with E-gov providing Companies and University on Naples “Parthenope”. It is composed of three Senior ICT Engineers.

Role and main tasks in COMPACT

The role of the Municipality of Afragola is to assure that project requirements are well identified from the beginning and that a correct developing phase is done. So, as Local public administration, Afragola ICT department will be in constant collaboration during all the phases which include testing (delivering and assessing) and dissemination and communication.

Afragola's ICT Department will be responsible for leading WP Research.

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