Betrieb für Informationstechnologie Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven with its approximately 120.000 inhabitants and 4.500 civil servants is the largest city on the German North Sea coast. The city was founded 177 years ago on the mouth of the river Weser as the port of the city of Bremen, which in conjunction with Bremerhaven is forming the federal state known by that same name.

Within the Federal Republic of Germany the State of Bremen is the smallest amongst the 16 Federal States. There is, however, a distance of some 55 kilometres between Bremen and Bremerhaven. This leads to the absolute unique situation in Germany that the territory existing between the two cities of the State of Bremen is being part of another Federal State, namely of Lower Saxony.

Since 2001 the IT-service of the city of Bremerhaven is in the responsibility of BIT (Betrieb für Informationstechnologie), a so called “Wirtschaftsbetrieb”, which is owned and controlled by the municipality like a department, but BIT has a budget instead of a household-structure, which means in general more flexibility. The core areas are:

  • •Server hosting in a secure computer centre of the city of Bremerhaven, including services, like datasecurity, system-management, training-centre, etc.
  • Planning, construction and running of IT-infrastructures, including consulting services, communication, administration, etc.
  • Helpdesk / Support
  • E-government
  • Project-management

Role and main tasks in COMPACT

The role of Betrieb für Informationstechnologie (BIT) as a pilot user is to identify project requirements and later validate the prototype implementation. As a public owned company associated with the Public Authorities of Bremerhaven, BIT will contribute to the WP2 to define the scenarios for Bremerhaven. In WP5 BIT will coordinate and run the implementation and test of the selected applications developed during the project. Also BIT will contribute to the information hub set-up during the project. BIT’s contribution to WP6 will be the set-up and maintenance of the official project website for COMPACT. BIT has very close relations to the Major Cities of Europe IT Users Group and will use this connection to disseminate the project results to a wide audience of stakeholders.

Main tasks of Betrieb für Informationstechnologie (BIT) include:

  • Installation, configuration, maintenance of operating systems and ICT infrastructure services
  • Enquiry manufacturers, seeking solutions for the maintenance and optimization of our network
  • Solve software and hardware problems of end users.
  • Perform maintenance and optimization of the municipality data systems.
  • Support to users for the use of the data systems.
  • Implement security measures for internal network.
  • Web Application development
  • Identification of new technologies in the market and the impact of its implementation in the organization

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