Einkaufspassage »Mediterraneo«, im Hintergrund das Sail City Hotel und das Klimahaus


The COMPACT consortium provides a full coverage of all expertise and links needed to ensure the project’s success.

Each partner brings its specialised and relevant prior expertise in order to improve the overall excellence of the consortium, to speed up the execution, and to increase the scope of COMPACT. Furthermore, partners are involved only in the activities and topics in which the they have recognised expertise, experience, and (for technical partners) solutions (in some cases already working and/or in the market) to be put as a starting point for the delivery of COMPACT services.

Finally, the consortium includes a significant number of LPAs bringing to the project a relevant number of users and current practices. These will be monitored, innovated, and improved contributing to increased cyber security awareness. LPAs will also offer the opportunity to validate and demonstrate the project, its approach and results across very different contexts in Europe.

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