Project Development

In order to achieve the objectives and expected results the activities of the project are organised into a set of work packages (WP), each providing one or more specific main outputs, contributing to either the macro-areas of the project scope or other supporting activities.

Includes the activities for effectively planning, managing, and controlling the project throughout its duration, managing the consortium, reporting the project results and status. This WP also include the setting up and implementation of the quality control system aimed at planning, managing, and assuring the quality of project deliverables and the activities for controlling data usage during the project.

Collects, elicits and specifies use case scenarios and requirements for the COMPACT platform and its services. It also ensures that the system is respectful of human rights (particularly the right to privacy and data protection), addresses psychological aspects, and does not generate ethically unwanted personal or social effects.

Defines, models, and documents the specifications for the evolution of the already existing components, and system level interactions among individual components, for integration in the final platform.

Integrates and deploys in the global COMPACT platform the services resulting from the architectural design according to the requirements and the scenarios developed, and to system level specifications, in close interaction with demonstrations in operational environments for continuous validation of outcomes.

Defines, plans, prepares, and performs the validation and demonstration of the COMPACT platform in relevant and operational environments provided by the LPAs participating in the consortium. The testing will use a broad range of methods, including: objective measurements of interaction data, user behaviour, focus groups, and questionnaires. Feedbacks will be used for further development during the project, as well as for future market exploitation.

Includes the activities for disseminating and creating awareness around project results, to maximize the impact of project findings.

Manages the innovation that the project brings about, and develops effective business plans for the exploitation of project results addressing both the Public Administration sector and other government and private sectors.

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