The advent of the Internet has been opening new opportunities for Public Administrations (PAs) to improve their efficiency while providing better services to citizens via an ever larger set of specialised network applications. This is at the heart of a European wide e-Government action plan, whose latest update covers the years 2016 to 2020 and mentions the importance of trustworthiness and security as key guiding values. Indeed, as a potential channel of accessing personal information, these specialised applications also expose the public sector to new risks.

Cyber threats are in fact the most significant and growing risk for PAs. However, technological, organisational and structural issues hamper the ability, especially for Local PAs (LPAs), to improve their cyber security level. Budget constraints and evolving legal, ethical, societal and privacy regulations render the situation even more complex.


COMPACT intends to empower local LPAs to become the main actors of their cyber-resilience improvement process by providing them with effective tools and services for removing security bottlenecks.


In order to fulfil its mission, COMPACT sets the following objectives:

  1. Making the PA personnel aware of the basic cyber security threats they are exposed to.
  2. Improving the skills – both technical and behavioural – of the PA personnel via innovative training techniques that are well received by the (non IT-expert) workforce.
  3. Providing protection tools against basic cyber security threats, i.e. those with a higher impact on LPAs.
  4. Creating a LPAs level information hub, for favouring reliable and timely exchange of information among LPAs on cyber security guidelines and best practices, as well as on Indicators of Compromise (IoC).
  5. Creating a link between COMPACT LPAs level information hub and major EU level initiatives, for supporting LPAs to improve cyber-resilience in a complex European context.

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