COMPACT intends to achieve relevant impact while optimising already existing and available solutions. Therefore, it will:

  • focus on the most widespread threats and cyber security issues facing LPAs,
  • invest in usability through combined use of innovative gaming approach and user-friendly interfaces,
  • increase the level of automation to cope with the volume of incoming threats,
  • increase the level of acceptance through a Human-In-the-Loop approach,
  • provide evidence of the advantages of automated support,
  • extend the impact of knowledge by fostering a continuum across LPAs,
  • propagate the impact of knowledge to the EU level by linking activities to Europe-wide initiatives

COMPACT solution

COMPACT will develop a comprehensive set of tools and services, specifically tailored to the cyber security needs of LPAs organizations, that will enable them to address the human factor in cyber in its multiple dimensions. The platform will be based on an easy-to-use interface and features of awareness raising and training, adapted to personnel with limited IT skills.

These solutions will be delivered in an integrated platform characterised by high degrees of usability and automation. Since cloud computing is an emerging trend in PAs’ ICT strategy, all COMPACT techniques, solutions, tools, and services will be cloud-enabled and cloud-ready.

The technological platform will be base in four types of tools and services:

  • Risk assessment tools
    Tailored to LPAs context allowing them to evaluate and monitor their exposure to the most relevant cyber threats. This will enable LPAs to prioritise the adoption of preventive and reactive countermeasures.
  • Education services
    Through dedicated game-based training focused on specific cyber threats and also on psychological and behavioural factors to maximise learning effectiveness while alson containing training time.
  • Monitoring services
    Through continuous event processing related to the status of the infrastructure and correlating with information from threat intelligence feeds to timely identify anomalies and suggest recovery actions
  • Knowledge Sharing services
    Through definition of Best Practices and Guidelines focused on specific needs of LPAs and that can be easily adopted to quickly increase the cyber security level of the organisation.


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